Patients with progressive myopia

-.25 Diopter or more in the last two years

Patients with a refractive error (eyeglass prescription) of:

-.75 Diopters or greater of myopia, and -3.00 Diopters or less of astigmatism

Patients at risk of becoming myopic due to family history of myopia

(one or two parents are myopic)

Patients who spend 3 hours or more doing near work

(Reading, Studying, Writing)

Patients who spend less than six hours a week outdoors

Patients five years and up

Early Treatment give the Best Outcomes

You may have just heard of Myopia Control, however Dr. Abraham Zlatin has nearly twenty years of Myopia Control experience.

New York Myopia Control is the myopia control center associated with Eye Q Optometrist.

We are leaders in the specialty of childhood myopia.

Our unique orthokeratology molds are custom designed in house with the most advanced computerized technology.

Unlike other ortho-k molds, our designs apply the most current proven breakthroughs to achieve the greatest myopia control effect.


Myopic girl

Childhood Myopia

Is Your Child at Risk?