Myopia prevention is now in focus

For years we have been studying and learning the best ways to stop or slow down the progression of myopia (nearsightedness).  We are now searching for ways to prevent the onset of myopia altogether.  Studies being conducted now explored how to achieve this difficult goal.  With early intervention, we may be able to reduce the incidence of nearsightedness.

Myopia prevention requires very early management of childrens refractive state. In other words, eye doctors need to begin measuring children as early as possible. Doctors specializing in Childhood Myopia should begin with infant exams including a thorough cycloplegic refraction.

Infants should be Hyperopic, that indicates a small or short eye. As children grow the size and length of their eye increases. This process is called emmetropization. The development of an eye towards emmetropia or "no prescription".

If we can prevent the eye from loosing all its Hyperopia, and keep the eye from growing too long, we will achieve Myopia prevention.

Parents who are Myopic and have children Five years and older may want to consider treatments at this time. Even without conclusive evidence that treatments may work to prevent Myopia from establishing itself, some of the treatments used are very effective at slowing or stopping Myopia progression in current Myopic children.

Dr. Abraham Zlatin specializes in childhood Myopia and is available in the metro New York area.

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