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MiSight lenses offer a way to treat myopia progression

These contact lenses are different than traditional lenses. They are designed to give clear vision and can control the rate of progression, which is a major scientific and technological breakthrough. MiSight lenses offer a simple, comfortable way to treat the progression of myopia.

MiSight™ is a soft, daily disposable contact lens in the proven Proclear® material. The benefits of using soft daily disposable lens include comfort with no need for cleaning or disinfecting the lenses. The Proclear® material has been shown to have low dehydration rates, good all-day comfort, however, it is not a very high oxygen transmitting material. It should never be slept in and should be kept away from water (shower, swimming).

Information from the makers of MiSight

Are there any side effects?

"The greatest risk of any contact lens wear is abrasion and infection. Radial Refractice Gradient (RRG) contact lenses, such as MiSight, used to slow myopic progression are no different, no better or worse, than regular contact lenses worn by millions of people. The risk is greatly reduced by following instructions on lens care, handling, wearing time, and follow-up visits with your doctor who can often identify small problems before they become more severe.

RRG lenses are generally a bit more difficult to get used to than regular single vision lenses. Adaptation, if necessary at all, usually occurs within a few weeks. There are always some people who are too sensitive, whether psychologically ("squeamish") or physically (dry eyes, difficult to fit eyes, etc.), but these can usually be overcome with either time or proper treatment.

Children, even young children, can make excellent contact lens patients. They need a certain level of maturity, and they need more parental supervision, but they often can be trained on how to apply and remove their lenses more quickly than adults can be trained.

Risks specific to MiSight contact lenses used as a treatment for myopia progression are essentially the risk that it won't work. There can be no guarantee of how the eye will respond, but the data is very encouraging. Some eyes may do better."


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