Evaluating your doctor’s level of training


"Understanding  the level of expertise"


Doctors can start practicing orthokeratology after completing an online certification process. This process may take 45 minutes and involves some basic training and an online certification test.


Doctors certified to perform orthokeratology range from novice to advanced.

Many doctors that reach an advanced level of knowledge and experience will seek fellowship status to confirm their expert level.


In addition to completing the certification process, these doctors have an expert level of knowledge in the field of orthokeratology.

Fellowship status in the Academy is determined by a doctor's experience and expertise and follows a rigorous case evaluation and testing procedure. Those Orthokeratologists who achieve Fellowship status are committed to adhering to the highest standards of care in this specialty.

•The FIAOMC (Fellow of the International Orthokeratology and Myopia Control Academy) is the Gold standard for practitioners of Orthokeratology.

•A Fellow of the Academy (FIAOMC) represents the highest level of knowledge, ethics, and patient care concerning the practice of Orthokeratology.

•Fellows serve as mentors and role models for new Ortho-K doctors, the membership, eye care practitioners, and the general public.