Follow-Up Care

What Should the Patient Expect?

Progress evaluations are essential for all orthokeratology patients.

The first year should involve several visits early in the treatment process to confirm patient compliance, eye health, and treatment effect.

During these brief visits, the doctor should assess:

• Visual Acuity

• Corneal Topography

• A-Scan

• Corneal Health with a Biomicrosope

• Molds may need to be evaluated (always bring them to the appointments)

Changes to the treatment may be required. Reinforcing good habits is also expected.


Established ortho-k patients do not usually require many progress evaluations.

The expected schedule should be at a minimum:

• One Comprehensive eye exam with an ortho-k evaluation

• Replace Molds Once a year

• One mid-year ortho-k and myopia evaluation (corneal topography, A-Scan)

• More visits may be indicated for certain patients and myopia control.

At The Myopia Management Center At Eye Q Optometrist, we provide our patients with effective, customized treatment to control the progression of myopia. By stopping or slowing down the progression of myopia, we reduce long-term risks to best ensure that your child enjoys the world with healthy eyes throughout his or her life.

The Myopia Management Center At Eye Q Optometrist serves patients in NYC, Scarsdale, Rye, Mamaroneck, and throughout New York.